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Omega Ark and its Chairman, Mr. Vikram Katral along with senior Team members of the company, have been the subject of a series of attacks through cyber-related criminal actions over the last nine months, which have sought to damage the reputation of both the company and its key management.

These actions include:
•    The publication of a malicious, personal and highly offensive blog ( ( which breaches copyright and makes unsupported, inaccurate and defamatory accusations against Mr. Katral in particular.
•    Identity fraud involving the use of Mr. Katral’s name in offering fake financial instruments using an email address of
•    Setting up of a fake Facebook, skype and twitter account in the name of Katral.Vikram again offering fake financial instruments in an attempt to have both Omega Ark and Mr. Katral included within scammers reports as parties to be avoided.

Evidence of these activities can be seen in the attachments below this statement.

These efforts to de-stabilize Omega Ark are criminal actions and the Board has decided it is time for those that have taken it upon themselves to seek to cause untold damage to the reputation of both the company and its officers, should be brought to justice.

Reports have been submitted to the cyber police and to the relevant regulatory authorities with a view to having those involved being made accountable for their crimes.

In the meantime, the shareholders and board of Omega Ark wish to confirm that the accusations being levied against the company and Mr. Katral are without foundation and are entirely without truth.

The ethics under which Omega Ark operate will not stand for abuse of this sort and whatever action needs to be taken to have illegal activities stopped will be taken.

A copy of this announcement is also included in Mr. Katral’s personal website & &

If any person has any information relating the cyber offences committed, please do email us at

We further take no corporate responsibility for any material produced on the internet that does not generate from this company.

Thank you for your on-going support of Omega Ark.
Vikram Katral
Chairman, 2017

Identity Fraud Notification
Evidence for Identity Fraud

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